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The experienced team at California Materials, Inc. specialize in construction Super Dump paving and dumping in tight areas. An industry leader in the aggregate trucking business, California Materials owns and operates a fleet of Double Bottom Dumps, Super Dumps, Transfers and End Dumps.

CMAT Mobile, our mobile crushing division, manages and maintains 980(G) loaders, excavators, screening plants and multiple rock crushing plants.

River Rock Cobles

Decorative River Rock +

We carry a large range of sand, gravel and rock materials for residential and commercial use. Decorative River Rock Cobbles from 4-6 inches can be purchased at our Stockton, Perlman location. Other quality materials include Base Rock, Pea Gravel, 3/4" Crushed Rock, and Asphalt Grindings.

Learn more about our Sand, Gravel and Rock Materials.

Californi Materials, Trucking and Aggregates


California Materials Inc. is one of the only trucking companies in the central valley to provide Hard Body Super Tags. This truck is perfect for off-hauling demo materials from sites where traditional End Dumps can't maneuver and Ten Wheelers don't have enough capacity. Get details about CMAT Trucking and Aggregate services.

Californi Materials, Mobile Rock Crushing


CMAT Mobile is a mobile on-site crushing company that can mobilize anywhere in central California within 24 hours. Service Areas range from Stockton north to Redding and south to Bakersfield. Contact us about Mobile Rock Crushing in California's central valley.

Stockton Materials Recycling Yard


Located in Stockton, CA, our Recycling Yard is open weekdays from 6:00am - 6:00pm, on Perlman Dr. We recycle broken concrete and asphalt. We also accept dirt. After hours access available by appointment. Visit us today at our Stockton Recycle Yard.